Now that you've seen all these great examples, you probably want to know how to tape your breasts. The great thing about Shape Boob Tape is that you can cut it to any desired length. That's why it's 'for all shapes and sizes.'

You decide how to wear this boob tape.

Put on your most beautiful outfit and decide how you want your décolletage to look. Do you want a real boob lift, an open back, or a deep neckline?
Below, you can see the options for how to wear the body tape; this is entirely up to you and your outfit.

How do I tape my breasts? Follow the steps below:

1. Make sure your skin is dry and clean, without oil or creams.
2. Apply the Shape Nipple Covers to your nipples with the point facing upward.
3. Measure how much Shape Boob Tape you need and cut the tape.
4. Lift your breast to the desired position.
5. Apply the tape under your breast and pull it up for a real lift.
6. Going for strapless? Start at the side of your breast and pull the tape horizontally across your body.
7. Repeat these steps for the desired support and result.

Glow, smile, and feel confident in your most beautiful outfit!


    Babe in shape boob tape model