Hi babe,

How wonderful that you want to read our story! At Babe in Shape, we understand the challenges women face when wearing fashionable outfits. We wanted to find a solution that would allow you to enjoy your clothing without worrying about visible bras. Our Shape Boob Tape has proven to be the perfect solution, and we're so excited to share it with you!

We've extensively tested the tape, and the positive feedback from ourselves and our friends has inspired us to share it with you. I mean, we can't keep such an amazing secret to ourselves, can we? We believe that every woman deserves to be herself and wear whatever she wants. That's why we call a woman who's happy with who she is and radiates confidence a real Babe in Shape!

We're working hard to develop new products, and we're always here to offer advice or simply to chat. Contact us through our contact page, and let's connect on Instagram as well. Always tag @babeinshape.nl and #babeinshape when posting your beautiful photos online. You might have a chance to be featured in our feed! Thank you for trusting and believing in us.

With love,

Team Babe in Shape